8: Many things get done, one after the other

You find it hard to accomplish everything you want because there’s so much you want to do. On top, you’re also interested in many topics and want to become a master in everything and world-famous.

Truth is, you can become that if you live 1,000 years and more. In this 100 years of living (optimist speaking) you have to focus on a thing that strikes you the most, that fascinates you the most.

You’re the expert

While it’s good to have one or more side passions in your private life, share publicly the only one thing you want to be known by people. Step by step, for next at least two years, you’ll be providing value to people. Answer questions, initiate conversations, watch the existing conversations. Present yourself as the expert and if you don’t feel confident doing that pretend to be someone who is the expert in your field.


Have the courage to continue this learning journey and always keep your goal in the back of your head. This is where you want to go. This is what you’re striving for. This is why you’re doing it.

Make a list, create tasks, schedule them, do them

If it’s overwhelming create a structure in which you organize what you do. Make a list of things you want to do, split them into do-able tasks and then schedule your tasks. Otherwise they will never get done.

The take-away from today: The organization of your tasks doesn’t have to be rigid or dogmatic. It should ease the pain of finally starting what you hand in mind. Let reality catch up with what does in your mind anyway all the time.

Enjoy the mid-week – wow time flies.

This was episode 8 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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