„Woh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman“ – an observation of human behavior, anger and empathy, and the healing power of company

An observation of human behavior, anger, and empathy: Through the intercom (interphone) I didn’t understand what the postman was saying. So he repeated it but he was shouting! I felt angry and wondered why would he have to shout if I didn’t understand him only acoustically?

While he was on the way up I was thinking to say „You could have said that in a more calm way“ (in an instructive manner) but I neglected that thought and when he arrived I opened my door and said nothing – just did let the moment happen. Read More

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Selling a red chair

It’s actually my mum’s but I’m selling it before she throws it.

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Motion is the answer to clarity

What does the mind do? Wander. In other words: It moves.

What helps you clear your mind for a due decision? A walk, a talk, a write-up. In other words: Movement. So, by talking, walking, writing, you use (do) what the mind does by nature and you apply motion to something more practical and tangible.

Inspired by Koroush Dini’s course Being Productive Simple Steps to Calm Focus

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