9: Head up and observe, head down and work

While you can’t constantly be in “inspiration mode”, when you feel you need input because you just finished a task or you’re about to start one and want to get yourself into the right mindset. This mindset where you fully immerse yourself into the project and only live for this project.

Before your real hard work starts, you have your head up and senses open. You’re open for any input that serves your wish to be inspired. Full absorption, full observation, fully present in the world.

During the work, you have your head down, your senses are focussed, the center of attention is to achieve the goal of the project and you only see what is relevant for this project and its goals. You’re in the intentional tunnel mode. You could also call yourself drunk because what you’ll experience is a trip that lasts days, weeks or months.

The take-away from today: While there are gray areas when you need inspiration during a project phase, you want to achieve a mindset of full focus and immersion. Only this can guarantee that you reach the goals and build according to them. Don’t exhaust yourself doing it and get your regular breaks. Immersing yourself doesn’t mean to not eat, drink, do sports and disconnect from the world, family and good friends. It simply means to be present in the here and now in this hard work phase.

This was episode 9 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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