10: Lessons learnt in week 2

The end of week 1 of the #weekdaykickoff has come. Let’s sum up and wrap up this week’s lessons.

Your stage, your world, your people

You learnt to picture your life as a stage in which you’re the actor playing the role you prefer. Starting is one thing, continuing the other one.

In this world you curate who enters and who becomes actually important and meaningful. In order to create excitement you go into the scary challenges, those will also make you feel alive, your real lived reality.

You’re independent

Also, I wrote you that you don’t need me, and I don’t need you – in terms being dependent from each other. You are a complete person but decide you want to read the #weekdaykickoff as a deliberate choice.

You don’t need to read it but you want to because it benefits your life, it enables you to become a better person. This is how every relation to a partner in business, love and friendship should work. Enable one another.

Go step by step

You’re interested in many things and want to accomplish a lot in your life. Still you move one foot at a time. Keep that in mind, and don’t stop. Always move forward because not moving means moving backwards.

What keeps you moving is your overall life goal and the mini goals that help you reach the big one. This is why it’s important to organize yourself: make a list, create tasks out of it, schedule and execute them.

Stop getting inspired before you want to get it done

In my creative projects I always encounter the same pattern: I start a project with a deep immersion focus. I’m all in for that project to guarantee to best goal-driven outcome. My senses are channeled to a tunnel with to goal to make the project a success. I finish the project and my senses open again.

I’m now again open for new sparks, new inspirations, new ideas. I’m filling my creative mojo / juice / magic liquid. This guarantees that I won’t burn out — sometimes very hard.

The take-away for the weekend: You create a world  where you are an independent player. Because of the goals you set, you know your general direction you generally know where to go. Since you don’t want to exhaust yourself on the way you take regular breaks and time-offs. When projects are over or milestone of long-term projects have been accomplished, you use the time for inspiration and refreshment. You combine this ideally with your break time or create separate retreat time.

This was episode 10 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time.

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