47: Don’t make your problem a problem

Don't make your problem a problem

You have problems. You have issues. Me too. Everyone has. Some people don’t because they reject to deal with them. You can think what you want but not dealing with your problem will create a returning boomerang that slaps you into the face 10X the strength when you threw it in the first place. Ouch!

However, a problem is a problem for a reason. It represents a challenge that life wants you to overcome. A problem is not there to stay a problem because when it has become a long-lasting and chronic issue, it can turn into a disease, a sickness caused by inertia, inaction and procrastination.

The take-away from today: When you understand that a problem wants to be solved because it longs for a solution you will want to solve it. A problem is a problem that doesn’t want to stay a problem. A problem wants to evolve to become a solution. Solve the problem to heal the problem’s pain otherwise the problem will run into a problem, and then you have an even bigger problem.

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