48: Why You Listen to Music in Your Morning Commute (Although You Don’t Want to)

Why You Listen to Music in Your Morning Commute (Although You Don't Want to)

Every morning after you woke up, had a shower and a kind-of breakfast you robotically move into public transportation and automatically put your headphones (or earphones) onto your head and listen to your favorite songs. Spotify, streamed local radio stations and the music stored on your phone are your friends.

Still half an hour to go, you read the news on your phones — headlines only, and maybe some skimming of the first few paragraphs — while great tunes cheer you up and prepare you for your work day or the day at the university. You work while you study on the side.

Occasionally you lift your head and have a look at what’s surrounding you. “Oh people!“, you think. „And actually pretty pretty ones as well“, you wonder milliseconds after.

While you’re lowering your head again, you keep reading, sending your next snap, replying your WhatsApp and checking how your Pokémon Go squad is doing. Also, you’re still wondering how that beautiful person next to you would react if you just said „hi“.

However, fully equipped with your modern mobile media setup you shut your inner voices down and let the music play. Where you are is not where you really want to be. Routine and your current life style are killing you from the inside. Your morning music just makes it very easy to forgot about your inner state of mind. You’re detaching from reality and attaching to a world of hyper reality.

You think you need this setup. You think you need the noise. You think you want detachment. What you actually want is more connection on a deeper level. Plugging yourself into a routine you inherently and naturally don’t like — although you tell yourself you do — will make you miserable the moment you’ll be detached, the moment you will have started your detoxication.

The take-away from today: Disconnect to reconnect. Your desire is connection with your surrounding in terms of people, animals, plants and static nature. A loud or semi-loud multimedia and music-playing device won’t help you with that — though playing Pokémon Go probably could (I admit). With a little help from a friend (or my blog), you’ll make it through the noise and enter a clear and crisp sound garden (Eden). The first step is to leave your headphones at home for your commute tomorrow morning, will you?

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