46: Be proud, don’t drink coffee

Be proud, don't drink coffee

I don’t drink coffee, so I avoid the infusion of caffeine like a drug junkie, and so I know when I’m tired and not tired because my body, which consumed the drug dose of coffee, has fallen into a hole.

I’m proud of not drinking and not having to drink coffee. I’m proud that all the energy I’m having comes from within my sense of will power, lust for achievement, hustle, grind and playfulness. It comes from within myself and my willingness to eat well and do sports with the goal of staying generally fit in terms of my mental and physical condition. I’m proud that I’m choosing to live and work like that.

I’m aware about my strong opinion about coffee. I’m a big fan of it. The reason I’m so strong about it is because I let myself down with two rules I broke in the past: I drank coke and I drank alcohol on a regular basis. Coffee until now I never drank regularly – only to try because I’m a very curious person.

As my personal dogma, there’s no way that I will be smoking cigarettes or weed nor alcohol on a regular basis. Taking drugs was a no-go though I did it once (“happy brownie”) — in Amsterdam with a very cool person. However, I won’t do it again because I don’t need to. I’m only addicted to myself, my goals, my energy, health and how I am. I like how I am. That’s why people like me – not everyone but the cool people.

The take-away from today: There’s no point in drinking coffee because you need or have to. If you have problem with things you must do rather than want to do, read the solution. Coffee is the biggest „must“ I identified observing people around the world. It’s the biggest drug and it’s highly unsexy. It smells good, yes. It also smells bad out of your mouth after you drank it and mainstream coffee gives you high doses of caffeine which makes you addicted to it.

I don’t like addiction to things and beings that are outside of my realm. I like to be the dictator of my realm. Coffee doesn’t qualify for that. For every rule there’s an exception: That’s why, some weeks ago I tried organic, local Colombian coffee in the past that was grown in 2,000 meters, where I knew the local producer and where a coffee expert from Slovenia who was with me (us) assured me that the amount of caffeine inside is low. I’m not a must-coffee drinker and utterly proud of it.

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