25: Lessons learnt in week 5

Friday is summary day. I wrap up the week and sum up what you learnt in the #weekdaykickoff 🌊 series this week.

Your duty to succeed

For you personal life, your business, your family and eventually your pension you want to have success with tangible results (human connection, interaction, exchange) and intangible results (changing the world, make it a better place, money). This is your duty. You will learn about your duty when you encounter of your moment of obligation.

Be gentle, man

When you’re gentle you differentiate, you pay attention to details, you make little gestures of big meaning. You’re the star without looking for fame. You’re the guy/gal next door but with an impressively shining aura. You’re natural and no actor can beat this. You’re not acting as your best because you want a “Thank you!”. You do it unconditionally. You don’t expect anything in return.

Writing therapy

Writing heals. Writing keeps (your memories alive). Writing sells (making a living from it). Writing allows a dialogue with yourself (hey buddy, how are you doing). Writing kicks off your engine called brain. In short: It all starts with writing and you should write, too.

When you “want” an “and”

I’m a fan of playing with words. It’s one of my favorite playgrounds. However, this is another topic. You learnt that using “want” and “and” functions as catalyzers for your communication. You avoid “must” and “but” because they are what I call “terminal words”. I’m hyberboling now and will call them “cancer words”. They end things. “want” and “and” extend, amplify, prolong things, keep things alive. They are “dancer words”. Rhymes well, right? With this magic duo you’re encouraged to move your hips, dance along the conversation and make it a musical.

The take-away for the weekend: If you succeed in life you have the guarantee to create your own legend and be somebody instead of a nobody. Pursue it. Stay, nevertheless, gentle and humble in your actions, meaning: act like a star but only in the process. Be a celebrity while you work but be Mr. Nobody before and after it because before your action you haven’t achieved anything and after you’re up for your next thing to succeed in (and in your mind you still haven’t achieved anything).

Write as a therapy so you know yourself best by chatting with your self, memorize your life and know where to go. Be brave to also encounter your dark parts, very dark. Black. And when you do that writing avoid “but” and “must” because everything you do from now on will be directed towards what you want and what other people need. And. Want.


This was episode 25 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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