26: Everybody wants to rule the world — nope

In your everyday life you take position. Even by not being actively pursuing something, you represent your standpoint. If you don’t vote in the elections, you vote anyway. If you don’t take responsibility for the car accident you just had you, you take position.

Every moment is under your control if you take it. But what if you really don’t want to do it? What if doing nothing, retreating or even only doing the normal thing everyone else is doing, is your thing?

You don’t want to be special, so you go with the main stream and peek out every now and then because you’re still curious if some other people who take massively more action than you did another extraordinary thing, which you are jealous of, but do nothing about because special is something others are, not me, why would I want that?

Everybody should be in his place where he/she belongs, living an ordinary life and pursue basically nothing grand, nothing wildly extraordinary. Keep your life in a rail you can maintain, the mono-rail. If the rail breaks, you can’t continue because you didn’t look for alternatives, but that’s ok for you.

You’re average. Nothing really excites you because if it did you would stand out, and that would be very embarrassing. Imagine all the people looking at you and you getting red in the face, shy and mute. How would that feel? Yes, it would feel as if you could be more than Average Joe. But that’s not you. That’s not your goal. You’re “No Joe”, not “Yes Joe”. Everything that could be possible, is not possible because you think so. Everything that others are doing is a miracle, and you always wonder how that could’ve worked. “They must have had a lot of money to do that”, is your basic conviction.

Well, maybe they had, but consider looking at where they started. You could be surprised.

Everybody wants to rule the world? Nope, not everyone, and especially not you because then you would be remarkable, and this would be… ehm… actually pretty cool, but remember you’re “No Joe” with your “Average Joe” friends. You wouldn’t do that, would you?

The take away from today: In a highly ironic tone I made you aware of your probably normal existence. Nothing too fancy, exciting or adventurous happens in your life. “Average” is your first name and your average parents gave you just another ordinary last name as well. If you can identify with that, you’re either happy with your life because you enjoy what everybody else has been doing, you’re in an indifferent state of not knowing where your place really is (here’s the solution) or you’re bored of your existence which makes you long for your first big adventure in life! You don’t have to rule the world, but playing an integral part in making the world better, smarter, richer and funnier, that sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

This was episode 26 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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