20: Lessons learnt in week 4

Let’s sum up the lessons of this week 4 in the #weekdaykickoff.

Defeat being lazy

In order to overcome laziness you want to remind yourself why you’re here, doing what you’re doing, having your greater goal in mind, basically all the time in the back of your head.

The opposite is also not healthy, when you stretch it too much and exhaust yourself. Mister Burnout can’t wait to treat you.

Keep your thoughts positive (most of the time). You can allow negativity, but don’t let it dominate you.


My favorite this week. Challenging what exists, being curious how to break it. This is what provocation is all about. Artists are the best examples for it.

So, provoke daily. Test things out. Break things. Repair things. Make things better. Hackers are also a good example of provoking. Not the bad ones that have no friends and express that through bad behavior 😉

Thinking big

Intentionally I didn’t name it “think big” because you ought to think like that constantly. Be in the process of going for the big fish, the huge banana, the grand final and spectacular finish.

Surround yourself by individuals who also think big. You will feel more comfortable when people think like you, like in the seanwes community, which I’m happy to be part of.

Play the game or don’t at all

It’s easy. You either join or you don’t. You’re in or you’re out. Full commitment means you are all in. Again, you don’t have to play the game. You can decide to not join at all.

On the other hand, why not join, learnt the rules, adapt to them and then change them, so that you dominate the pitch, the field, the space. So that you dominate the game. How does that sound?

The take-away for the weekend: Think positive most of the time. Negativity in too huge quantity will make you lose the game, if you decided to join — because it’s optional. But by entering the field you show you’re available, you made the first commitment towards the life you’ve been dreaming of all the time. Now keep thinking big, provoke here and there, in other words play and break with things, and ultimately have fun in the process, and only do what you enjoy doing.

This was episode 20 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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