19: Play or sit on the bench — forever

Something put you into this life. I assume it was your mom and dad. You may not like life because life is not always like you want it to be. It feels like that it has ups and downs, and you struggle, you have pains, you get injured and fall down. And it’s so hard to get up again because the floor is so comfy.

Is it really? Here is what it means if you prefer to stay on the ground and become comfortable laying there.

You see how all other people are passing by. They’re moving towards something (ideally their goals), you’re not. Your perspective is bottom-up instead of top-down, you’re losing overview. You make yourself vulnerable for basically anything: starting with giving your opponents a lot of area to kick and punch you (if you imagine a martial arts scenario) and looking miserable for people who once admired you for what you are — where’s your attitude? Gone?!

I’m not saying you should be a strong rock in the coast showing no tears and only being brave, but I want you to be able to stand up when you’ve been defeated, clean your face when it’s full of your opponent’s spit, and walk your way despite the obstacles.

Last night I learnt how to gain a success mindset, and I want you to absorb and internalize that.

The take-away from today: You can only defeat yourself when you’re on your way to become the best in your field. The best can only be defeated by the next best. Make sure you’re always the best that follows.

This was episode 19 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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