21: Start doing good when you’re young

Ask yourself why you want to make the big cash first and then do good, like you see a lot of famous people doing that.

Why not doing good as a career that you start in your 20s or 30s? Impress yourself by what you’re capable of and heavily make a positive impact on this planet already before your mid-life crisis (45 or so).

Screw YOLO and all that. Build up a reputation already when you barely know what reputation actually means. You’re 14? Great. Time to think big! I played soccer when I was that age and continued playing without any goal in life until 29.

That is almost 3 centuries of aimlessly messing around, without big purpose, without thinking that I have a duty – the duty to succeed as a person (in life and business) and the duty to fucking get off your couch and use your skills and talents so others benefit from that. It’s your duty to give what you have, to teach what you know. It’s your duty to contribute to this planet. Make yourself successful so that other people become successful as well!

Don’t wait until you have those 10 million on your bank account. Don’t wait until you had your first heavy surgery that makes you less capable to move. Don’t wait until your drive and agility equals that of a snail. You’re better than that. You’re more capable when your bones are fresh, your mind open and able to change perspective more dramatically.

Become a role model for your existing family and the family that will follow. Yes, you gain less money but you earn legacy. People will talk about you for centuries. How does that sound?

I’m creating a social-focused startup called ON BOARD. We offer learning journeys for small groups where you learn from locals and build down clichés that exist about countries, cultures and people. The planet becomes therefore more transparent and tangible so that people connect and understand one another better and deeper.

The take-away from today: Do good in the field where you feel most compelled. Don’t fall in love with the idea of you helping in a field because it would sound good or impress people. Follow your call, take your time to hear it and then go!

This was episode 21 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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