2: You are always influencing

You are leading and influencing someone else’s life or decisions in a certain direction even if you sometimes are not even aware of it.

This means you have big responsibility – if you want it or not. That other person may also be a strong character, or even dominant. Make no mistake about it.

Despite their strength and dominance they’re radiating to the outside, they’re looking for guidance and leadership of other people in circumstances where they have to appear strong but are in fact not.

What it means for you: Be aware of your surroundings. Sense the other people who are with you. Feel them. This way you you will know how strong your influence on them is, and vice versa.

This is actually an interesting point because as a child and teenager I was always thinking about the impression people make on me, never was I thinking about what impression I made on other people. Some years later I found out about the impression I can make on people. This can be powerful.

And despite what a doorman once told me, when he said “you never get second chance for first impression”, I do believe in many chances for a first impression. I’m even going so far to say that you want to make a bad first impression to surprise the other person with your second and third encounter even more.

The take-away from today: Test your influence on people, and feel what they are radiating towards you, with regard to aura, karma and energy.

Try it, and have a wonderful day.

This was episode 2 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time.

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