3: Life is not constant growth

I’m a bit doubtful whether I have really grown in the last 15 years. And how could I actually tell?

Out of my own observation I find it more adequate to say that around 14-16 I had my first reset or blackout because I can’t remember what really happened. In a more drastic fashion “the lost years” is an even more adequate name. It felt I was thrown back and all the personal growth that happened before was suddenly gone.

After, the years of growth followed. I finished college, alternative military service, my apprenticeship as a salesman, two relationships and my studies of Int’l Media and Computing about 3 years ago.

This is when I had my last reset, although it was more like a soft reset – less dramatic because I can remember things pretty well. Also, the reset in terms of lacking growth happened during my studies: I felt I was becoming literally stupid during those years. So, the reset showed up as an on-going progress making me dumber and less capable with every year of studying. Yet, I didn’t quit my studies because what I start I finish.

Today, I’m 32, again in a phase of growth both personally and professionally, and unwilling to let a next reset happen. Maybe it’s inevitable. You never know. I just know that becoming aware of your change, your own phases and cycles is crucial for your personal development.

The take-away from today: Don’t expect to grow every day, in every moment. Life is so full of surprises that you can face patterns of growth-reset-restart-growth-reset-restart-etc., meaning you will sometimes have to start again and can feel like stupid. To prevent that, keep record of your achievements – daily. Write them down. Your growth will thank you.

Enjoy your day of growth today.

This was episode 3 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time.

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