1: Start and continue, or pretend to be someone who continues

Just this morning I didn’t feel like waking up. The night was short, maybe too short. Five and a half hours is not a lot especially when one hour is only insomnia.

Especially in those moments it’s important that you keep the mindset of a continuer, someone who continues things. Have a role model in mind who is like that, an idol, someone you admire.

I was thinking that my family has this mentality, but except for my brother who has a very different job from me but is very much aligned with me in terms of mindset, neither my father nor my mother have a mindset of continuation out of conviction.

They continue doing their job although they don’t like them. Though, I must say I was impressed when my father quit his job when he saw the company was on (let’s call it) rampage mode and he could have been next to be fired. That’s when I felt a continuer mindset. I guess my brother and I received a larger amount of it in our DNA. Thank you father and mother.

And don’t get me wrong, although I’m not fully aligned with their lifestyle and mindset – and I don’t have to – I love my parents despite and because of their difference to me.

The take-away from today: Continue doing what you’re doing, and if it’s hard for you, project someone into your head who starts and continues things, or pretend to be someone who is able to continue. That helps.

Have a beautiful day.

This was episode 1 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday 8am Colombian time.

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