151: Stand while working in front of the computer

You will feel more active and less tired when you use a standing desk or any form of making you stand while working in front of the computer.

Yes, you will only be standing for let’s say 30-90 minutes and then take a break.

And yes, the first few days you will feel weird when there is this constant pressure in your legs, but trust me by the end of the first week you will already feel better in your legs.

I can’t tell you how long exactly it will take your body to adjust but 1-2 weeks should do it.

This is how my DIY standing desk looks like. I’m especially a fan of my „balance board“ where I sometimes stand on. It’s fun for a while for those times when your current task really bores you to death. But it becomes a distraction when I need more attention on the task in the computer. So, use it with caution and stop using it when it becomes an obstacle for accomplishing your task.

Also, Benjamin Franklin, one of the US founding father was using a standing desk to work. He has been a great inspiration also with his daily routine that you easily find online. I highly recommend doing a quick search on him.

Have a productive day!

This was episode 151 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday to Friday.

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