Why I transitioned from a hustle day to a rich day (and how)

Things were getting overwhelming and I was not happy with how I led my life. This is what I changed.

When I was in debt, I needed to focus on making money – it was crucial.

It’s now been 5 months that I’m not in debt anymore but I was still applying the same mindset of „I need to make money“. It was a mistake. I’m still making money and I want to, but everything I’m making now (after fix costs) is what I’ll be earning and deserving.

A different situation requires a different mindset. That’s what I understood while writing this note at 2.41am – laying in bed, restless and full of thoughts.

I misunderstood many things

I thought I was supposed to work the crazy hours as I did before. I don’t have to and should not.

I thought I was a „cool kid“ by being an entrepreneur / businessman. I’m not, and maybe a reduction of GaryVee content would be good. I’m a writer with a sportsman mindset. That’s it. Everything that follows is a plus but not my core nature.

I thought I would have to be the expert in a field and be really good at it. I don’t. The only thing I oblige myself to is to be a lifelong learner and avid student of life.

When you camouflage yourself with a suit that doesn’t suit you, you just ridicule yourself. I was trying on the business suit and thought it was mine, but it turned I’m just a writing artist with a sportsman mindset who likes to walk (a lot) and doesn’t care what clothes he’s wearing as long as it’s comfortable and not a costume – I’m not a clown and I’m not your superficial small-talker at your banquet. I wear what suits me, what expresses who I am. And if I look like a homeless to you, here’s the middle finger for you.

In this constant phase of self-discovery (I feel like I’m 16 and with no idea who I am) I found that a mixture of Derek Sivers, Colin Wright, Steven King, Ben Toalson, Cory Miller and Sean McCabe describes my personality. Probably not accurate but a direction. I should mention my mom, dad, brother and my grandma who I represent with my being as well.

An old concept saved me

What I’m saying and this is my conclusion for now: I do not want to run a big business. I want to help people, write things, eat healthy, stay physically fit, learn and grow. I want to lead a rich day every day (not hustle my lungs off my chest or let my eyes bleed because of all the digital screen exposure). I’m finding my own ideal of a rich day that includes spending your 24 hours of a day with intention — with time for work, time for leisure and time for sleep. In my case:

  • 6 hours sleep
  • 6 hours leisure (incl. eating, reading, writing, social, sports)
  • 12 hours work (client work)

The result of it will be my life and when my life is over I want to have that Dalai Lama smile on my face so that I can speak with confidence:

Life, it was a real pleasure. I’m ready to take the next step.

I hope you got something out of it. The most important take-away I want you to remember: Know yourself and stay true to who you are, everything else is just drag.

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