150: Subscribe to the only program you will never have to pay for until you die

I want you to do yourself a favor. Would you mind subscribing to a particular program? It’s unique and individual. In fact, it’s so tailor-made that each subscriber has their very own experience.

I want you to subscribe to your life, not a YouTube channel, not your favorite Netflix show, nothing like that. Your life is the most interesting show you can get and it will be your worst or best time investment you will ever make.

You remember as a teenager when you were day-dreaming what you would become? A famous sportsman, an astronaut, a train conductor, a firefighter, policeman or a Karate fighter. Bubble bursted? Ok, I see. I ran through that as well. Bummer.

But that was the past. Your life is ahead. When you subscribe, you commit to being responsible for your own life. The adventures, conversations, the person you will fall in love with and the stranger who become your best friend — all that and much more is what makes your life so rich in opportunities that no other person can have it like you, no YouTube star, no rock star or world-class soccer player.

Why is that?

Because you can choose the path you want to go. You have the freedom of choice and the time to enjoy that freedom. Freedom and choice are two of the most enriching and mind-expanding elements you want to have.

With a subscription to your life, you put flesh on a bare bone life and every adventure will make your blood run through each cell and fill you with joy!

Subscribe to your life, and unsubscribe from my channel if that helps. I mean it.


This was episode 150 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday to Friday.

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