Sometimes I wonder: What if I had it all?

What if my dreams were all dreamt, all achievements were achieved and all games were played? What if that was the case at my current age of 33 years?

Then I think: HOW BORING WOULD THAT BE! I prefer to continuously walk the muddy road rather than achieving it early. The fun is in the ride. Arriving is only a deliberate break to ponder what the next goal will be.

So, #hustle and #make more of the good stuff as long as you haven’t arrived (yet). You actually never will… 😉

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The next big thing: Status updates with no internet!

I’ve tried this new thing. It’s called offline status updates!

> Wait, what’s that?

It’s when you have something (important) to say but you don’t tell it to cyber selves but only those you can see in the eyes.

> You are a crazy man.

I know, I know. But I like being on the forefront of cutting edge stuff.

> I admire you.

I do, too.

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Don’t be stupid. Don’t sabotage yourself

As a child, teenager and early adult I used to be in the following mindset:

  1. I have to know this automatically, just like that.
  2. When I learned something new or found out how something worked I felt I was cheating.
  3. When I achieved something I diminished, even negated the achievement: I told myself I was lucky and only the circumstances made me accomplish that. It was not my effort that caused the result.

Obviously, I was standing in my own way punching myself down whenever I „had“ to learn something new because I was not good or smart enough to know it „just like that“.

Don’t be stupid. Don’t sabotage yourself.

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