The standards you define.

You can build a business at the level of your neighbor Aunty Emma’s liquor store or an online liquor store at the scale of the Vaynerchuk family. It’s up to you.

Accordingly, the further you stretch your ambitions the more room you gain to play within. The less ambitious you are the smaller your field to play on becomes.

Same goes for sleep: If you wake up with an alarm at 6 am or don’t wake up with alarm at 10 am, you automatically define how much of those 24 hours you want to spend sleeping or not sleeping.

This goes back to question of character, meaning „the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life“ and therefore the amount of self-respect you have for yourself.

Joan Didion on Self-Respect

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You don’t have to do all that

There is no obligation in doing anything extra or special. You can have a very basic life, and that’s fine. If you think about your „extra duties“ and other have-to-dos because of a project you’ve been running or a side-business you started, remember that you chose to start it. So, have fun in the process and stop when there’s no fun anymore.

Worried about money? If you are a caring person who „arouses enthusiasm among your people“ and develops the best that is in a person by appreciation and encouragement (cp. „How to Win Friends & Influence People“), you will always find a position in a company or a place as someone’s side-kick business partner.

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How do you get over when you feel everyone else has it all figured out?

Browsing through some notes I found this question (above) someone had asked in my time when I was still on Facebook. This is what I replied. I find it still valid, so I decided to share it – outside of Facebook.

You have the following options (among others):

a) Accept it, and do nothing

b) Be angry and misuse your energy for that

c) Ignore that they figured it out, and don’t care

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