How do you get over when you feel everyone else has it all figured out?

Browsing through some notes I found this question (above) someone had asked in my time when I was still on Facebook. This is what I replied. I find it still valid, so I decided to share it – outside of Facebook.

You have the following options (among others):

a) Accept it, and do nothing

b) Be angry and misuse your energy for that

c) Ignore that they figured it out, and don’t care

d) Ask yourself why you even care that they figured it all out

e) Ask how they do it (let them become your mentor)

f) Ask for consulting / teaching / training

g) Join a community where people are

  1. at your stage
  2. above your stage and
  3. way above your stage

With 1) you will grow together.

From 2) you will learn a lot.

From 3) you will grow like crazy.

h) Follow your intuition on your entrepreneurial journey and figure it all out yourself.

i) Find encouragement in books like „The 10X Rule“

You can easily combine all options or re-mix them. I personally prefer a mixture of d) to i). And in fact, nobody has it all figured out. People who seem to have it figured out just know their way, are aware of what they are able to do and use their strengths to their full benefit.

I hope it helps.

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