Think twice before you go full-time freelance pursuing your passion

Consider transitioning from a place where you pay 100% of your bills with a day job to a place where your freelance business is making you money, so that eventually you can decrease your working hours at the day job.

Being full-time freelance and super scared that you won’t be able to pay the bills this month makes you take shitty client jobs. You become more stressful than you need to. So, keep a day job for a few more months, and then you’re good to transition with some delay.

At least you don’t burn out and run yourself into a horrible situation just because you wanted to freelance too early.

Starting to freelance full-time too early, there’s the inherent danger that you kill your passion because of the deadly circumstances.

If you sustain yourself with a day job that pays 100% of your bills, and use your spare time and weekends to make progress in your passion (as a freelancer or business owner), you’re more likely to transition into a successful, passion-centric and value-driven full-time freelance business.

There’s no rush. Calm yourself down.

PS: This was also a letter to my past self who needed this message.

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