Structure Your Day To Reach Your Goals

I have this passion for day and week structures because I know (and you know) that structure helps us achieve goals.

I want to test an app about public and group accountability with 5 people without the actual implementation but using a shared Wunderlist as the proof-of-concept. Don’t worry, the app is not going to be another todo list but will use essential features of such an application.

Would you like to participate and improve your day and week structure? Write me here or send me an email to

To give you an idea of how a day structure can look like, here’s my day structure I’m working on to implement into my current life situation.

I hereby differentiate between a weekday week and a weekend week. A weekday week is Mon-Fri. A weekend week is Sat-Sun. I will explain below why I make this distinction.

Weekday week structure

Using 120/120 hours per weekday week. That’s the optimal usage. Eating healthy, cooking and social events that are crucial to participate in are part of these hours. I will sacrifice the volunteering or career boost time for that.

Weekend week structure

Yes, a weekend is a week, only shorter.

  • 4 hours volunteering
  • 4 hours build Free Write Camp
  • 4 hours code and learn JS/NodeJS
  • 4 hours learn and write about VR
  • 8 hours go out, meet people, travel, socialize
  • 8 hours sabbatical and artist date
  • 16 hours of sleep

Using 48/48 hours per weekend week. That’s the optimal usage.

Summary: 62 hours/week to not sleep or work in your day job

A full week consists of both the weekday week and weekend week. It comprises 168 hours.

I spend 106 hours with working in my day job (50 hours per weekday week) and sleeping (56 hours per full week).

168 minus 106 leaves me with 62 hours.

I have 62 hours per full week to not sleep or work on a day job. In this time I can eat, learn, do sports, regenerate, work on passions and socialize. On a weekday I have 6 hours for that. On a weekend day I have 16 hours for that.

Psychologically most important for me was the revelation that a you treat a weekend like a week. Weeks are 2 days and more combined into one unit. Consequently, a full week consists of so to say of 2 weeks. When you know it’s actually two weeks you spend your time on, it can help you make more use of your time.

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