Fellow location-independent gals and guys

We’re working and traveling at the same time. We’re using what today’s world is offering. It’s truly amazing that we can make the world our home. We can be at the other side of the world in a day and still continue doing our job.

Let’s remember that there are people who aspire to work and live like that as well. You’ve become a role model for them, someone who „made it“. They look up to you, admire your courage.

However. Be real. Don’t fake it. There’s no reason to make a show out of your lifestyle. People want fancy, funny and entertaining. Yes. But they also want the drama, failures and WTF stories. They want the complete picture. They want you to be tangibly real.

No circus. No blinded by the paradise sunlight. No fake. Only the real you, your life, problems and challenges. With the dirty curtain, the things you messed up first and fixed later – and then you screwed up again.

Make bling-bling boum-boum. The next time you share fancy-fancy, you may want to reconsider, because if you make people believe that’s how your life is (when in fact it’s not) you run into a deadly vicious circle of explanation, justification, disappointment, anger and people not trusting you anymore.

There’s no question that you will make it, but don’t „fake until you make it“. Show your progress until you make it because this way you also teach people who want to learn. They do appreciate the tons of value your provide just by publicly speaking about your everyday struggles, hard work and patience.

The worst is when you know you faked it although you could have been real in this moment. This feeling of regret will haunt you and it’s not nice at all.

Be the dog from the streets. You have plenty of stories. You have an interesting, adventurous life. People know who you are and they respect you because you have values.


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