54: Nobody has time, we all have the same 24 hours a day

Nobody has time, we all have the same 24 hours a day

Today I was talking to one of my best friends. Although we have some different angles on things we have a lot of common ground we agree on. Principles of living an interesting, having constantly interesting conversation, not putting materialistic into the foreground and enjoying life.

After 9 months of me being abroad for 9 months and only having a Skype call during that time we had the chance to meet today in person and basically walk an hour and a half and talk. Catching up about what happened in life, in personal and professional regards. We have a weird relation. Although it’s a friendship it’s not your typical friendship. We can have no contact at all with each other for months. If we then meet each other, it feels we never really never spoke for a long time.

The way we met today was, however, an interesting aspect of the misconception people have about time. When I asked him about meeting him, he responded: „I don’t know if I can find time to meet you.“ That’s what I hear a lot. People either don’t have time or don’t find time.

Think about it. You don’t have time because we all have the same time — 24 hours a day. Time is not like wealth you grow according to how much you work to make it happen.

Also, finding time is a ridiculous approach of seeing it. You’re not like: “Look, I found some time! It was hiding in the corner behind the fridge.“ It’s impossible to create time (as far as I know). So don’t say “I have no time.“ Don’t lie and say: “I’m not taking the time to meet you because I’m setting priorities in my life, and something else is more important than spending time with you at this moment in my life.“ Be honest because it’s the right thing because doing the right thing is always the right thing.

Be honest. The people who care about you and your success will understand. The other ones who don’t understand, explain them once and if they show no understanding at all abandon them.

Your time is your time because you decide how you spend it. I’m currently spending my time cleaning households, writing texts for clients and (soon) selling an app through cold calling and email. I’m doing that to earn money, help people, support project I empathize with and communicate with people. It helps me achieve my goals of being debt-free by the end of the year, cover my monthly bills and growing as a human person and professional.

The takeaway from today: Don’t tune into the choir „finding time“. You’re ultimately deciding who you’re taking your time and accordingly giving your time to someone/something else — it’s a gift. Your time has value. The right people will value your time and not waste but make a tremendous effort to make this interaction with you worthwhile because you’re doing the same for them. Everything else is a disservice for each other.

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