55: Lessons learnt in week 11

Lessons learnt in week 11

It’s Friday, and here’s the summary of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. This is what you learnt in week 11.

Customer service is branding

Don’t underestimate the importance of your speech, especially when you are in a position where you talk to customers directly. Yes, you will be repeating things you said. You will repeat processes, and you will repeat answers to make sure the customer fully understands. For you, it’s also good training to sharpen your communication. Repetition is your partner.

How you treat your customer is how the brand of your company will be seen, and you want your company to be seen like a shiny shooting star.

Be exceptionally nice

You’re probably average in many things in your life and can feel depressing to be like that. Nobody likes an average person, and an average person doesn’t like oneself. While people often think of superstars in the movies, sports, TV or glamour, there’s a part where you can really shine and be really good.

If you’re not good or exceptional at anything, be exceptionally nice. Offer a seat in public transportation, say „hi“ to strangers, walk an old grandma across the street or engage into good conversations. Be nice for a long time. Be consistently nice.

People will keep you in mind for that and because you did it so consistent with so much patience and diligence you’ll receive a reward. You will. Let reality catch up. Be patient. Since patience is no problem for you, you’re a winner already.

Paralysis stops progress

I was thinking for many years why you and I get stuck. Why don’t you move forward with anything? I found out that it’s two ingredients that are necessary for progress to happen:

  1. A thing you want to focus on, e.g. a goal
  2. A plan that tells you step by step how to achieve that thing

It’s easy to see but in some situations when your mind is blocked, you can’t even think of the obvious. That’s also one reason why I’m working an application that reminds the three things you wanted to accomplish by the end of the set date. If you’re interested to hear more about the app, write me.

When you focus and plan to execute you’re good to go. You just enabled yourself and stopped being in paralysis. Infect other people and share this quick tip with them. They will love you for that. Be creative, add and modify parts of it so it becomes an even better to make progress in your life ventures.

You take (your) time

There’s nothing like having time, not having time, or finding time, not finding them. We all have the same time: 24 hours a day. You’re the only person responsible for the distribution of this time to activities.

The next time you tell a friend „I don’t have time on that day“, be honest and say:

„I don’t want to take for you on this day because I set a priority for that day prior to your request. I want to stick to this priority because it’s important for my personal progress. Not taking it would be a lack of respect towards my future self. Therefore this priority is more important than you on that particular day.“

The takeaway for the weekend: Always remember that your communication has an effect. What you said can influence how a brand is perceived. What you said could have been the first time for someone to hear. What you say is powerful. Never forget that.

When you are communicating you want to be exceptionally nice in every interaction. Make this brandmark for yourself. „Oh, this person is always so nice“. Guess what? The happy customer will return and request being served by you. What better compliment can you get?!

In this micro-decision that you also have in communication, when you improvise, you need to have a goal you want to reach having this conversation. So you focus on the goal, improvise a step by step plan in your head (one step at a time), and then execute. That’s how you’ll never stutter and lack confidence talking.

And when it’s necessary for you to dismiss a request for talking to you, be honest and explain how you set priorities in life to grow as a human person and professional. The cool people will understand. The others won’t. You only care about the cool ones because they want you to succeed. The other would envy you.

Have a fantastic weekend!

This was episode 55 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊 Every weekday (Mon-Fri). Also find me on Anchor so we can talk — literally talk from person to person!

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