40: Lessons learnt in week 8

Friday is learning day. In fact, like every day. But today I will sum up the #weekdaykickoff 🌊 lessons for this week. Let’s jump straight into them.

First thing when you get up, last thing before you sleep

In order to guarantee you’re on the rail to success, happiness and enlightenment (find a word that you like best), ask “How can I serve the world best?” as the first question after you woke up. Do it every day. And before you go to bed, you ask yourself “How did I serve the world best today?“.

Both questions make sure that what you’re doing is meaningful and helps others or the environment.

You’re hungry

You want more because you’re hungry. And because you’re hungry you want more. It’s very easy. If you step into a feeling of comfort, make sure you escape it as soon as possible because it kills your desire for more – in a gentle and pleasant way so that you like it, I admit. But also Zuckerberg is inviting you into his space while looking funny and nice, but wanting to sell you as the product. Be aware of that.


You can do one thing one way. But can you also do it the other way? Like reverse? If you can play tennis with the left arm, can you play with your right arm? If you kick the ball into the basket with your right foot, can you do it with your left foot, as well?

If you can, then you have the ability of a whole-learner. Someone who gets the big picture, the full-frame, the wide panorama. If not, you’re a part-learner. And that’s ok. What you learn wholly (or holistically) is what you’ll master. Part-learning is what you leave for your hobbies and side passions. You need to have both, a master subject and many side-passion subjects.


I found the most beautiful word, and it sounds so simple. Yet, it comprises two meanings (if not more) in one word. Resilience is when you are durable, unbeatable, indestructible like a stone. But it also refers to being elastic, flexible, even light like a feather. Isn’t that crazily good? The moment I learnt it this week, I was in love with the word and its ambiguous character. Maybe because I’m ambiguous as well, sometimes.

The take-away for the weekend: You do good in the world because every morning and night you verify that you really do. You also stay in hunger mode to always want more – more for the world (meaning better) and your own world (meaning not the big wide world). By starting to learn wholly, you won’t become holy like Dog, but you will master a field. Find at least one field of mastery and have many others you partly learn. In that process you practice your resilience because it allows you to become heavily solid like a stone and almost weightless like feather.

This was episode 40 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday to Friday unless I’m in a sabbatical like next week, or a time-off like the two weeks after. So, you won’t be hearing from for the next 3 weeks. Don’t be sad ^^. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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