35: Lessons learnt in week 7

Friday is to sum up the week. This is what you learnt following my #weekdaykickoff 🌊 series, always with the goal to get your mind kicked into a direction where you think, roll and do!

You have all the time

It’s impossible that you don’t have time because we all have the same. People telling you they don’t have time literally means they don’t take time for you. Not because they want to offend you or don’t like you (although it’s possible). You’re just not a priority in their goal-oriented action plan. Hard to hear, I know, and encouraging to experience it yourself because you can apply this goal direction yourself.

You’re not anti-social.

You’re simply choosing who you want to meet and talk to. People who build you up, you want more of them. People who suck your energy and life blood, you want to get rid of. Your life changes. Your priority change. Your goals change. Your social environment does. It can be long-term friends. It can be family members. If they do harm to you in terms of being an obstacle for your success and/or don’t understand your path, gently make them aware that they don’t have a place in your life. Sorry.

So many hours per week

Instead of saying “I have no time”, reconsider how many hours there are per week: 168. You’re an employee working 40 hours a week (Monday-Friday) and spend per day let’s say 2 hours commuting to your workplace unless you work remotely. That’s 50 hours.

You sleep 8 hours, eat 2 hours and socialize 2 hours per day (Monday-Sunday). That’s another 84 hours.

In total: 134 hours. Unless you plan to spend 11 insane years as I suggested, you have 168 minus 134 equals 34 hours.

34 hours that you can spend how you want. Think about it. You have a day and a half to spend on things you also care about in your life. Every week – given there are no distractions and you’re not overly lazy. What would you do in 34 hours?

Also, who are you?

Knowing your strengths and goals makes it easy to know which way to go. Some people admire other people who have this clear path and vision of their own self in the future that they wonder how that comes.

It’s not a miracle. Those people have a laser-sharp vision of their future and where they want to go. This goal-driven thinking informs their actions, almost automatically. What looks easy to the outsider is pure clarity and awareness of one’s one super power. You have at least one. Successful people play out this power so well because sometimes that’s the only thing they got, but they orchestrate it so impressively that their lack of other skills doesn’t matter, because they don’t emphasize on it. And why would you stress on your weaknesses? For self-destruction? Maybe. For success? No way.

Gain clarity to win

I said it before. When you see your path clearly ahead of you (also taking detours, distractions and that kind of thing into the equation) you have clarity. Your path is the way you move along. The end of the path is your goal, or many goals. They don’t mark the end. An end of a path is just the beginning of another path. It always will be. A goal reached is a goal of the past, and doesn’t matter anymore for your present and future self. That’s the nature of goals.

For example: My goal is to play 5 minutes on the pitch for Borussia Dortmund as the first non-professional soccer player. The way to make sure I reach that goal? I’m going to buy the club. It’s current value €740 M. It’s insane, you might think. I consider it the best motivation to play for my favorite football club I’ve been a fan of since the early 1990s. Thats about 25 years!

The take-away for the weekend: Time doesn’t matter. It’s just a constraining condition that helps you calculate things. Outcome of the time matters more, and the quality you gain and give in that time. Both personally and professionally. You have enough time per week to gain clarity and ultimately win because by moving forward thinking as the winner (having the winner mindset because there’s no other way), you will become successful. Win. And you will win. Always. And if you loose. Start winning again. And win.

This was episode 35 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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