34: Gain clarity to win

There’s something about our modern world that isn’t really working well: Clarity. It seems a good amount of people don’t know what life is for them, like saying “I didn’t want to be born. Why am I alive? Why was I born? Why was the combination of my parent’s resulting in me?”

Being in this world and not knowing what to do with it, is horrible. It’s you standing on the pitch, receiving the ball and you somehow kick it but don’t really know why because you don’t know the rules, the paradigms, the approaches, the whole concept of other people unlike you being busy doing things.

“Why do they do that?” you wonder.

The only valid existential answer I can give is: To enjoy your alive-ness while you serve others and don’t worry about your existence too much because you don’t care if there are so many others that you can help. If it was only you on the planet, you could start caring about you. But then the question of “Why am I here if there’s no-one else to play with?” comes up again.

If you were the only one on the planet, assuming your mother and father passed away (because you need to born in the first place), you would be a kind-of-God, not the one nobody has ever seen but the one that is here, the Patrick, Jakob, Joachim, Bruce, Daniela, Amanda, Henry, Elisa, Stefanie or Peter (Pan).

You would have a life that is 100% in your hands. Full responsibility. Full possibilities. Full action. When you take action, your life will move forward.

So, to gain clarity, think you’re the only one on the planet because then you do and don’t expect anything in return. You take your life as a duty with the minimum goal to survive, have fun and find creative ways to reproduce… you will want to… biologically, right?

The take-away from today: The “I Am Legend” scenario is awesome to have in mind since it helps you seeing things clearly. There is nobody else but you, so you start caring about your life. Of course in our world there are 7 billion people, meaning 7 billion minus 1 distractions that can unsharpen your clarity.

Now, it’s your challenge to find the middle way of seeing world where only you exist (in terms of seeing life as your responsibility and duty) and combining it with the opportunities that others bring you to advance your level of duty.

You could also say: Being the only one on the planet, you would be successful if you helped yourself best. Being with other 7 billion people, you would be successful if you helped other 7 billion people best.

This was episode 34 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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