42: Keep the radio running

Keep the radio running

Keep the radio running

In my daily quest to find metaphors and analogies that express moving forward and making progress pursuing your dreams, I found radio to be an excellent example.

If you don’t get your butt moved, the radio won’t play. It’s like these mobile radios that work by transforming kinetic energy into electricity, for example when you rotate the handle a few times the radio plays for a while. If you rotate longer, the radio plays longer.

Going after your life goals and growing your business the same kinetic effect takes place. You move forward, your life goals being accomplished make moves forward. You move forward, your business moves forward. If you stop moving, your ventures will continue running for a bit and eventually stop moving as well. Depending on the amount of clearly targeted effort you put into, the longer or shorter the radio will run after you stopped moving already. There’s a delayed effect that things are still running (passively) because your effort that is beneficial for you.

However, the delay also takes place in the other direction when you start doing your business or pursuing your life goal. You work, you put effort, you work a lot, you put a lot of effort, but only slowly does the radio „wake up“ and play. It takes quite some initial energy to get it running. Don’t underestimate this energy consumption but also don’t be impressed by it too much.

The take-away from today: The radio only plays when you give it a song, a song that moves with movement coming from your vocal cords and mouth, with movement from you getting up every morning, showing up every day to become better as a human person and business professional. You move to play the song that the radio is playing. Why not let the radio play the soundtrack of your life?

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