43: Want it, Set a Date and Take Action Until Successful!

Want it, Set a Date and Take Action Until Successful!

I write because I know I want to be successful with writing. I write because I know I have time until the end of my life to succeed – while what success means is entirely up to your standards.

Four things play a role in wanting something:

  1. Expressing you want it.
  2. Setting a time for when to achieve it.
  3. Defining under which conditions the achievement is considered a success.
  4. Taking action!

I made a contract with myself and my future version. I call it an achievement contract. I want to share this contract with you so you can adapt it to your own goal — or you can ask for the template: hi@naii.nu.

The Achievement Contract

Client (CL): Alexander Kluge (future version), Author of texts
Contractor (CO): Alexander Kluge
Witness (W): my mother
Death date: 1. March 2018

Agreement: Hereby the CONTRACTOR assures the CLIENT that until the death date he will be a well-paid author of texts who chooses his client projects and executes them using valued-based pricing.

Learn the hard way: There is no way to stop or get off the contract prematurely. If the CONTRACTOR makes no progress for one week with regard to his future version and the agreed targets, he pays 10 EUR on his learn-the-hard-way account, which neither the CLIENT nor the CONTRACTOR are allowed to touch before the death date.

Berlin, 16.07.2016

Signature CL ___________________________________________

Signature CO ___________________________________________

Signature W ___________________________________________

Note: The WITNESS serves as a social pressure to reach your goal. If you won’t reach your goal, you’ll also disappoint your witness.

Signature by goal achievement: The CLIENT, CONTRACTOR and WITNESS confirm the goal achievement by the death date with their respective signature.


Signature CL __________________________________________

Signature CO __________________________________________

Signature W __________________________________________


The take away from today: It’s good to have goals. It’s good to have them written down and see them all at a glance. This is what most people do. They have them on a piece of paper or phone and then start idealizing and romanticizing instead of taking action. They picture themselves as these unicorns in purple-hills wonderland. Make no mistake: I did the same, and haven’t finished doing it but I’m getting better.

In fact, in the last six months, having been surrounded by a great bunch of people, I learnt that you want to hustle and show up every day in order to make progress. Show up every day. If you showed up, you didn’t just talk about doing it but you showed that you are doing it.

Since your goal is usually complex, you want to split it into actionable tasks. Write the tasks down that bring you closer to your goal — a list of 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 tasks is fine. Now pick one task and schedule it — with a precise date and time — and act upon it.

Treat this one specific task that brings you closer to your goal as the number one priority. Your back against the wall with no time, no space and the pressure to take action! What’s your goal, and what’s next task scheduled in your calendar?

This was episode 43 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every weekday (Mon-Fri). Also find me on Anchor so we can talk — literally talk from person to person!

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