148: You have no option

You’re best when you have no option. Having options is when you don’t do anything. Then you’re lazy, too comfortable and you don’t see the urgency of making a decision. Giving yourself no option is the secret you kept locked away from yourself for too long.

It’s time to kick off what you’ve been postponing:

  • your passion project,
  • a singing class,
  • signing up at your fitness center,

  • starting to learn Spanish,
  • travel to South America,
  • or getting up early so you don’t waste your day on Instagram anymore.

Whatever you’re hesitant towards giving yourself no option is the best way I know to get started. If you find it hard to apply, implement it as an auto-suggestion so you get used to the thought.

You remember Bart Simpson writing on the chalkboard in the intro of each episode? Do that literally on paper or say it out loud for yourself. Internalize:

I have no option.
I have no option.
I have no option.
I have no option.
I have no option.
I have no option.
I have no option.

Once you had one epiphany moment where having had no choice made you achieve your goal you will think about options very differently.

When a stranger is threatening you with a knife, you run (unless you’re Kick-Ass).

When you see a giant bear ahead you run.

When you’re cold, you get a hot drink.

This is so obvious it almost hurts. Why can’t you do it with your own things? Understand how lucky you are when you have had no other option. I know how it feels: When I was in debt not too long ago I had no option. I convinced myself that the only way out of the hole is paying back the money. That’s why I managed to get out.

To sum it up: Constraint is a blessing. I’ve even started to constrain many aspects of my life:

  • food (no meat except fish, no alcohol)
  • health & fitness (1h of walking every day)
  • social contacts (meetings only on Saturday)
  • things I consume and read (only in my meal breaks or after work)

Constraining is one of the best tools to live a life that is centered on what is important to you. Constraint is the basis for focus and focus will lead to a happy life — in the (very) long run.


This was episode 148 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday to Friday.

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