147: No paralysis with order, structure and discipline during your execution

I feel many things are happening inside my head at the moment that I’m getting paralyzed. So, I was thinking — which I usually do a lot. A structure or at least structural thinking combined with discipline can help you feel less helpless.

Inner order and applied discipline in your execution are the key elements when you feel overwhelmed by too many things. Yes, it can be the case that you have too many things going on in your life and you need to let go some of some. But it can also be that you first need to organize the things you’re trying to process in your head.

Once you have order and structure things will align, become apparent and obvious for you. You will see things crystal clear eventually and ideally.

For example: Right now I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed because I’m in the process of adding a new thing to my routine as part of my journey to gain a new client. I’ll be working on a German blog where I will share everything I learned about writing and copywriting.

For me, it’s important I don’t do things too robotic and mechanic but with all the humanness I have. This is one of my biggest challenges. Also, this week I was just thinking out our loud about preserving your human-ness.

This was episode 147 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday to Friday.

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