You don’t have to do all that

There is no obligation in doing anything extra or special. You can have a very basic life, and that’s fine. If you think about your „extra duties“ and other have-to-dos because of a project you’ve been running or a side-business you started, remember that you chose to start it. So, have fun in the process and stop when there’s no fun anymore.

Worried about money? If you are a caring person who „arouses enthusiasm among your people“ and develops the best that is in a person by appreciation and encouragement (cp. „How to Win Friends & Influence People“), you will always find a position in a company or a place as someone’s side-kick business partner.

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How do you get over when you feel everyone else has it all figured out?

Browsing through some notes I found this question (above) someone had asked in my time when I was still on Facebook. This is what I replied. I find it still valid, so I decided to share it – outside of Facebook.

You have the following options (among others):

a) Accept it, and do nothing

b) Be angry and misuse your energy for that

c) Ignore that they figured it out, and don’t care

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My current recipe for a good life: Essentials, Life goals, Action.

  1. Low level: Spot the elements in your life that make you feel good. For example: I have three (writing, walking, talking). Make sure you are able to do them every day so they become an essential (even sacred) part in your life.
  2. High Level: Take a good amount of time (days, weeks) to define your life goals. Think big here because those dream goals should be attractive to you even in 10 years. Read „10X Rule“ if you struggle to find them.
  3. Mid Level, the most important one because it’s the glue that connects the low level and high level. Take action! These are the small activities, the work, you do every day that add up to something big eventually. Action connect your low-level elements of well-being with your high-level dream goals. In other words: Action connects a fulfillment with achievement.

This recipe is a draft and work in progress.

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