Free Code Camp is the model I’m applying for writing. Here is why.

Since writing is my personal passion and motivating people to become their best self is a personal-professional field I have always been willing to play out, I was looking for and testing different ways to combine those two things.

After some months of usage and non-usage, I found what Quincy offers with Free Code Camp to be extraordinary. Therefore, I’m applying what he offers for people who want to write, not code, everything else that is not source code.

I do it for three reasons:

  • Personally, I want to write and motivate myself to write (the writer inside me)
  • Personally-professionally, I want to motivate people if they are interested in becoming better than they are right now (the coach and psychologist inside me)
  • There’s no such thing the way I have it mind — in which the model of Free Code Camp is just the start. I want to extend the learning-community space with tools, interviews and stories. (the conqueror with big plans inside me)

So, the Coastery Community starts like Free Code Camp but I have definite plans to make it more unique in its later iterations.

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