030: 24/7 Sportsman One-Man Show (only justify in front of yourself)

Hardest judge: lone time

If you understand that you are like your favorite sportsman but the pitch you are playing on is the market and the connections you make, you will start treating yourself better (a good sportsman eats well) and work harder (a good sportsman practices with intention and hard because he always wants to win).

Your training lasts 15 to 18 hours a day and your match day has no fixed schedule, like every Saturday or so. You play your match when you talk to foreigners, bond with people and show up. You practice when you create, document and make behind the scenes when nobody is watching you — except yourself. The hardest judge is always you when you are on your own because you define your measure and level of quality. Nobody else.

In short: Your favorite sportsman is a full-time sportsman practicing 4 times a week and playing the match once a week on a fixed schedule (2 days for rest).

And you?

You are your favorite full-time businessman practicing 15-18 hours a day (sleeping 6-9 hours) and playing the match whenever there is a chance to shine but on no fixed schedule. When you see a game you join, you are in, you are on, you win.

Every day you give all you got so by the end of the day it hurts. You will not walk smooth (see GaryVee) but you will survive, be fine and proud of yourself.

Battle scars are attractive“ and a little limping is fine for some days. You are a sportsman because you wanted to. Now suck the pain, it will ease sooner or later.

Live by your own standards guided by your own terms and make your team win — even when you lose like my favorite sports team did yesterday. That is when you keep in mind: A defeat on one day is a postponed win in the long run.

Today’s match: Beating Sunday. How? By getting out of bed, taking that 20-minutes walk and return with a smile on your face. Win! You see, winning can be easy and small but it is not all. A small win is just the beginning — if you want more, work hard-core. Enough rhyming, get out grinding (tomorrow in the bustle you will hustle — your ass off).

This was episode 30 of the #weekendpunchline 👊. Every Saturday and Sunday.

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