028: Trace back to the origin

Ask why, go deep. You don't want to end like a stupid sheep.

Bad things happen in the world and you do not know. You do not know who made this or that, who is responsible for a threat or an attack. You do not know who wrote that piece you love, hate, admire or wonder so much about.

When you are uncertain or not sure about the origin of a thing you are getting frustrated because you only see an outcome but never really see the roots. But it is something you can solve. You can get the necessary knowledge because you live in the best age for that. Use your distraction device (smartphone) and attract your brain to researching where a thing started.

Find the bad guy

You are like a journalist, detective or spy. When you interested in financial aspects the route to the origin is always to follow the money. You can use this paradigm for any field. When it is not money, it is interest. When it is not interest or money it is power (over people or territory). When it is not interest, money or power, it is sexual desire. You can bet your podex that for what seems to be complex there is an easy to understand origin.

People want something and they make it happen — not matter what. Of course, when this want is spread through an organization, a political movement or the government it becomes harder to see through it because of all the people involved and the middlemen. But once you saw it from above and its structure you will see how it all will lead to central initiation points. Often it is about what people are striving for. This can be (in addition to what I just mentioned) influence, reputation, admiration and being in the center of attention.

It is always basic things that make people move. Deciphering people can be ridiculously easy once you see what actions they took. Actions speak their own language — the ones people do take and those they do not.

Why you never know about why things happen and why you are always surprised is because you did not ask why enough. You did not go deep — even with yourself you are not going deep. You are treating yourself like mainstream media is treating you: superficial. If you want to learn how to get to a core of a thing start with yourself. The techniques and mindset you will learn you can perfectly apply to any subject once you are done dealing with yourself.

Purple bubble or gray reality

Red or blue? The question is a classic and timeless, for a reason. It never gets old. Do you want to know the truth or do you want to stay a blind-folded sheep?

Tomorrow is Monday and tonight you will have answered that question for yourself. I bet you chose blue.

So, have a good illusion.

This was episode 28 of the #weekendpunchline 👊. Every Saturday and Sunday.

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