026: Why good things end

Why good things end

You are feeling great, your family is healthy, your business is sustainable, your social connections are intact and you are enjoying your life. What else can you want when seemingly everything is on a high?

If you think about your life and the phases of your life in seasons you do not have a hard time understanding that a peak does vanish. There is a time in the year (summer) when „everyone“ is going on vacation, the peak season in terms of holiday.

For your business and life it is the same. The difference to a once-a-year-summer-peak: You have peaks every week (sometimes every day) because you have plenty of falls. (The latter is part of the route. That is why you do not consider them failures.)

Active peak and passive peak

So, when every thing has its time and peak season you usually refer to things you cannot control. It is not in your own hands to define when something is „on“ or „off“ because the market (the „crowd“) always decides. I call this the passive peak phenomenon. Everyone knows and understands it like the intervals of ebb and flow. Things come and go.

Say hi to the „active peak“. The active peak is when you as the author control the creation, production, publication and curation 100 %. Therefore, you are also responsible for the flows and ebbs of your content — the videos, podcasts, articles, pieces of art and regular shows. You as the creator have it in your hands to say:

I will stick to my commitment.

When you do not feel challenged by this commitment anymore or when aspects of your goal have changed you have all the right to say:

I’m breaking my commitment.

When an artist needs a break, the artist takes a break. Nobody needs an exhausted, uninspired, non-creating artist. At the very least, the artist cannot stand himself when he feels incapable to create, when he feels crippled, paralyzed or simply with no juice. Then you simply have to respect that at a certain point breaking a commitment is necessary.

An artist is doG towards its creation and suseJ towards its audience. Not more and not less.

I’m not ending this series, just breaking it

On Instagram I started sharing 1-minute videos about business, productivity and philanthropy because I had accumulated a lot of knowledge about. Also, I felt I want to help you, remind you and document my state of mind. I called the show the #weekdaykickoff. Since 23 November 2016 I published every Monday to Friday.

In addition to the #weekdaykickoff I introduced the #weekendpunchline series which I have been sharing on my blog and Instagram in the form of a visual with an punchline related to business, productivity and philanthropy.

This week’s Friday (17.02.2017) was the last #weekdaykickoff. Today is the last #weekendpunchline.


Next week (20.02.2017) I will pause the publication because I will use the time to pre-produce another series. I have been thinking a lot about it and I want to make it a reality.

Will the #weekdaykickoff and #weekendpunchline continue after?

Yes. But in the long run I will adjust them according to my current plan (and shifted goal). When time is ripe, I will share the news with you.

If you follow what I am doing, keep in mind: From calendar week 8 on I will pause all publications every 7th week so I can spend time to pre-produce other content and take a little time-off from my daily obligations. The concept is adapted from what seanwes calls a 1-week „small-scale sabbatical“.

Enough said. Summary.

Tomorrow (20 February 2017): no videos and visuals for 7 days.

Next video: Monday, 27 February 2017. Calendar week 9. Next visual: Saturday, 4 March 2017.

Have a good week and consider taking a time-off from your obligations so you can pursue what else is inside you: passions, talents, secret desires or reading a fantastic book.

The original version of this text contained 666 words not counting these words. I don’t know why but maybe because I mentioned Jesus (suseJ) and God (doG) 😉

This was episode 26 of the #weekendpunchline 👊. Every Saturday and Sunday.

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