014: Execute 10 times more than the average

Execute 10 times more than the average

You are going to die. I know you know I will as well. People can become 120 years and older. Still, I see people in a limited mindset where only their existence seems to matter to them.

I hear people say:

After me the Flood (“Nach mir die Sintflut”)

I consider it arrogant and ignorant to only have one’s own life in the radar. In the grand scheme your life does not matter as much as you think it does. Your life is a building block to something bigger. Your life is the foundation for another existence.

Kicked head or a shoulder to climb on?

Be prepared that someone will step on your head and look down on you when you’re graved. You can’t prevent it unless you build a basis where you serve as a shoulder to climb on and lift the person climbing it. This person will look up to you despite being on your shoulder — and this would practically not make sense but metaphorically it does.

So, you can either be the asshole you’ve been in your life and don’t give a shit about whatever was before and will be after you. Or, you can be a server for society and the living nature and enrich this place until you cease to exist. In order to do so I need you to expand your perspective and think of centuries not in years. Your effect on society is counted in 100 years not not in one or ten.

Think 10 times bigger than the average of the people you surround yourself with. If you have drowning or negative people around you, consider giving them a wave of bye-bye. Your execution and the way your approach needs to be dramatically higher (10 times) than what you have been used to. This is tough, exhausting and not always directly rewarding. You won’t always achieve a 10 times execution. But strive for it. Learn how to do it reading “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. As I said yesterday, in terms of mindset it was the single best book for thinking tremendously bigger and act upon it.

Know your average, so you know your 10X

I personally have a goal which would currently require 100 people living 120 years and being productive for 100 years. This is a very high goal and I want to accomplish it during my 100+ years of existence. If I don’t accomplish it, I built a block for the podium to build (see below).

I’m not asking you to have a high goal of that caliber. I’m not telling you anything. I’m just making you consider whether you are able to think beyond your existence. Are you able to consider your life only as the basement for the house to be built?

The humility of serving society to help benefit it

In other words: Are you ok being the podium on which another person after your existence will be cheered to — knowing with your podium he/she would not be seen at all? Are you also ok to consider your life only building block for this podium on which someone else will get all the attention you probably never got — but you know with your work this person could have never achieved it? Are you able to be humble and serve?

If the answer is “Yes”, good. But you wasted time already, time you could have used by showing me action instead of confirmation nodding your head.

Three rules for your life

Take action 10 times more action than the average and make this your default. Take care of your health. Eat well. Do sports. Read, for doG’s sake, read. And stay healthy. There is one rule to obey after you perfected the first: You need to continue to exist because the first rule is to help people. The third rule, you just learned is 10X execution. No questions asked.

I repeat:

  1. Help people.
  2. Continue to exist.
  3. Execute 10X (when you’re aspiring to be better than your known average).

Execute. Eat. Sleep. State your goal. Repeat.

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