59: Make Hungry

Make Hungry

I give you one good advice: Do your things while you’re not satisfied, while you’re still searching, while you’re still finding, while you’re still on the hunt.

You need to in explorer mode. Let me be more drastic here: You need to be in ultimate survival mode. You want to beat yourself because you want to put yourself out of the game. You are your biggest opponent, the worst enemy you fear the most.

A practical example: I’m writing these lines because I interrupted preparing the bread for my first day job tomorrow morning (I’m cleaning households). In fact, I was preparing the bread for my mum because she’s enjoying to eat bread at work as well.

Two things I’m currently learning from that:

  1. It’s more fun to do something for others when you know it serves them well.
  2. Preparing food for someone while you’re hungry yourself is the ultimate gift you can make because it’s going to taste awesome — a hungry person is the best chef! Also, delaying to satisfy your own hunger puts your self out of the center of attention and focusses on others to serve them, and sacrifice yourself.

You are capable of not eating for a month, not drinking for a week and not sleeping for 4-5 day. In this phase you are still capable to perform, not at 110% working 12-18 hours a day but 80% is surely possible.

Don’t exhaust yourself. I mean, don’t exhaust yourself too often. You actually need exhaustion. How would you otherwise know what your boundaries are? How can you know how much you can stretch your body if you never dare stretching it a lot?

Remember how much and often you can stretch yourself. Test your boundaries. You did it as a child when mama set your boundaries. Yet, you always found a way to break them when you really wanted.

What your child version that tested its boundaries differentiates from your adult version is curiosity. Curiosity is what will keep you in the game. In conversation I had yesterday with a client who I’m cleaning for explained this piece of wisdom for me. „You need to hobbies, you need things that you wanna do. In order to create this need, you need to have curiosity“, she said.

I found it brilliant she said it because curiosity is one of my core values I’m keeping forever in the center of undertakings.

The takeaway from today: Old people are smart. That’s also true but not the key takeaway of today. Keep yourself in a mental mode of wanting more, testing approaches, breaking things and not being afraid to look dumb in front of many people.

You don’t need to literally starve but for me personally having real hunger allowed me to write this post (about 500 words) although I’m really hungry. Find your way of hunger. Spot the lack that makes you create and puts you into action mode.

You’ll be surprised to hear that after you overcame hunger, hormones of happiness will stream through your body.

Be hungry. Make hungry. (Psst… it works with being thirsty as well. I was, too.)

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