30: Lessons learnt in week 6

End of the week means summary of the week. These are the bits and pieces I pushed into your head as part of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊 series, so that something reasonable (or unreasonable) will be your next action step. You’re welcome.

You’re Average Joe and Josefina

There’s nothing wrong with being average, if you’re happy with it. Being middle class (average class) has been your goal for a long time. Celebrate you made it. If you however feel that more is possible, set goals, take the steps necessary to reach them and become overly obsessive with it – in a positive way. Not everybody wants to rule the world, but why not dominate your litte niche?

Your default state is selfish and lazy

Analyzing myself I came to the conclusion that without a goal in life I would be selfish and lazy. Both character traits are so destructive that (if performed for a long time, like years), you would cease to exist.

Give yourself a meaning. It can be like cleaning the streets in front of your house every Sunday morning at 7am because the traffic is low. It can be a social service you’re doing for elderly people every Friday afternoon when school / university is over. Or a street performance you offer donation-based in your city center where you get yourself in an uncomfortable situation (getting out of your comfort zone is healthy) and entertain people.

These are all very good services that give yourself meaning. What service gives your life meaning? Yes, playing WoW counts 😉

Incest on a socio-cultural level

By copying what everyone else is doing you won’t become better (unless you copy better) and you don’t allow your true uniqueness to shine. You don’t even let it become born. With your Average Joe / Josefina mentality you won’t make it in the long run, so stop doing incest on a socio-cultural level (I know it sounds strong, it’s my intention) and get out of those circles.

The currently best way to do that is to join a travel experience with ON BOARD, a company I’m co-creating (yes, that’s biased, so what? – Do you want to become a better self and improve or stay like you are!?)

Your values first

Having had the pleasure of watching Adam Mason on Snapchat (adaminspired), I learnt a very nice formula for how to ask deeper behind the actions you’ve been doing every day.

In short: Base your actions (the “what”) and motives (the “why”) on your values. The sequence goes like: Values › Why › What

So, start with your values, and everything else follows. Without values you would be aimless, meaning dead.

The take-away for the weekend: Don’t be average if you’re not happy with it. Reach for more. Define your values and make them the core of your actions and motives to act. Avoid copying people in your circles because how original is that? Instead: Make the effort to find your uniqueness. If you don’t do it, you could find your self without goal in life and that would mean you’ll die not having lived a meaningful life. Sad. Triste. Shameful? Yes, a bit.

This was episode 30 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time. Until episode 5 I also audio-recorded on Anchor, you can find me there as “Alexander Kluge”.

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