5: Lessons learnt in week 1

It’s the end of the week 1 and already the end of the day. Best time to wrap up and see what you learnt this week.

If you start something, you continue it. If you have problems continuing your thing, pretend to be someone who is able to continue. This is a very good psychological trick that actors obviously use a lot. It can be someone close to you or the superstar you admire a lot. Just don’t forget that it’s still you who is acting, not that star of a probably fictitious reality.

You also learnt that you can test your social power, the impact you have on people by just observing their reactions when you act in a certain way. Equally, pay close attention to how other people impact you. Learn through observation.

Although it sounds a bit sad, but I also reminded you that you don’t always grow. You probably rather go through cycles of stagnation, bad days or depression and highs when you feel like on top of the world. This can seem like a restart. However, you won’t constantly grow, but you want to always make an effort as if it was the case.

My favorite topic this week was how to deal with challenges. You can complain like a baby, accept like a man or change the situation like a hero. If you’re willing to lead a full, rich life, then it’s only valid to honestly answer the following question every day: Did I give everything today to achieve what I wanted or was I unwilling to do so?

The take-away for the weekend: Use the weekend to reflect on the past days, review what happened and find the spots where you need improvement if you want to improve.

Get some rest and see you on Monday!

This was episode 5 of the #weekdaykickoff. Every Monday-Friday morning. Colombian time.

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