154: Your one-second haka

The haka derived from the tradition of the Maori, the indigenous culture of New Zealand.

In your personal haka, you use the short time of only a second to put all the energy you got into it. It combines breathing out before you do it and doing a powerful, ancient sound that expresses your willingness to do what you want to do: this can be to continue your project or start a game like the rugby team of New Zealand.

The benefit is a push of air, the magic of sound and when (applied) the power or making a fist while doing it so you show you want to win!

I’m aware it can be hard to apply in the office, so if you’re working with other people in the same room I recommend to close your eyes for this one second, breathe in and out and make that winner fist. It’s ok if it lasts 2-3 seconds. Important is that you feel empowered afterespecially when you realize that this energy came from you!

Use the one-second haka as often as you want during the day. The haka will always help you if you believe in its effect.

This was episode 154 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday to Friday.

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