145: You are no better than a dog

I’m a fan of individualism with sympathies for libertarianism („Libertarismus“). I like the responsibility an individual has to build a strong democracy.

Yet, I want to make you aware of the possible limitations of yourself with regard to your recurring patterns of behavior. When I learned about the fact [1] that you react to particular situations in a certain way and you have a way of doing things, your behavior is foreseeable. You’re like a dog who stems from a particular race whose patterns I can look up on an online encyclopedia.

Yes, you’re a human, not a dog but you still have typical patterns.

And yes, the knowledge about a dog of a certain race becomes smudgy when the dog is a mixture of many races (2+) instead of being „mono-racial“. Then the race-typical behavior you won’t find anymore. Still, if you research dogs (and human persons) of same mixes and document your findings you will have the same knowledge built up about how a dog of this particular mixture of races behaves.


This was episode 145 of the #weekdaykickoff 🌊. Every Monday to Friday.

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