Virtual lack, real lack and why lack drives you

You are probably fine. You are healthy, your family is alive and you live how you want to live while you pursue what suits you. Still, occasionally you have a hard time to get out of bed, get those legs moving, your fingers typing and your brain working.

Why do you find it hard to motivate yourself?

The answer is obvious but is true. Unless you are sick you are comfortable where you are in, and that is great. Your life is fulfilled because you do not need anything (more). So, why do you get up then if things are rolling? It is because you established a mindset of lack to get things done.

Only when you convince yourself that there is a lack (a fire, someone not getting what he/she deserves) you take action. That is why heroes are born, and that is also why you will never do great things — your nest is too cozy and warm. Why leave into the storm? Exactly.

Why there is no such thing as lacking motivation when you burst the bubble you are in

Same situation: You are good, your life is great, you have nothing to complain. If you complain, well, be grateful for what you have and now continue reading.

Probably one big reason why you are struggling to do great things (me included) is: We are simply feeling fine.

So, one more time: You must be lacking something (or at least think you are lacking something) so you get going. That is why you create a virtual lack. Let me explain why a virtual lack is the right direction but is a rather limited point of view.

Thus, here comes the twist (written as „I“ so I am not presumptuous about you).

Since the world is not only about me and since my well-being is fine, I can go out help other people — that is when I encounter the things that are not fine. That is also why traveling the world is so important. Yes, you can have a comfortable life in your bubble until you die or you can get out of your perspective and start helping people.

I think that was my misunderstanding of myself: I was not in a place of helplessness, I was and am fine. I was in a place of helplessness towards how to help other people. The real struggle for me came because I thought I had problems or issues but it was not the case. I struggle because I had no solutions for other people’s problems. I care because I am naturally indoctrinating other people’s problems to make them mine wanting to solve them. I am eating and co-digesting other people’s problems. I am a garbage collector, also of your problems.

I have not been getting those dry tears listening to Tycho because I was feeling miserable about my life. I have been in tears because I feel the world in pain in the so-called „Weltschmerz“.

A big revelation for me. Nothing practical but at least a mindset shift and another perspective of what is going on inside. This is important because the inside reflects your outside action and vice versa.

My „dark bon mot“ for the end: When you are fine you have an obligation as a human person to share this fineness with others. It is your duty; I’m sure Grant Cardone (10X Rule) would agree. If you struggle to sense this pain, (make yourself) understand that the world is going down.

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