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About two weeks ago I encountered The Writing Cooperative. Surfing on a serendipity wave I must have subscribed to their publication on Medium.

What is The Writing Cooperative?

We do not simply publish articles about writing: we actively help each other write better here on Medium. We do that through our three features.

Source: From their newsletter / Medium post (like all following quotes)

The 3 features

Since I have no hands-on experience yet writing as part of the community, I’m quoting what they offer in detail.

Draft List

Short description: Drafts Needing to be Edited

The crown jewel of this community is our Draft List. Once you join our community and add your profile (learn more about how to do that, below) you can add your unpublished drafts and get valuable feedback and editing from our members. Whether you are looking for last minute spelling and grammar checks or want opinions on the flow and argument of your article, you will always walk away with a way to make your writing better.

Article Adoption Agency

Short description: Medium Posts in Need of a Publication

Just published a great Medium article, but don’t have a publication for it? Here is the place where we compile posts that are in need of a nice home. After you join the Cooperative you can add yours to the list or look for the newest addition for your own publication.

The Finished Product Archive

Short description: Collecting all issues of The Finished Product

The Finished Product is a monthly article that showcases our writers, their articles, and the quality writing workshopped in the Draft List from that month. Each month a member is featured in an interview.

What I like about The Writing Cooperative

With only a first peak into what they’re doing I like their agile, loose-community approach and being a curator / publisher (with being the main publisher). I would like to see them emancipate from and achieve keeping their community glued together and still build it up further.

As Coastery wants to make people write (not speaking of quality, quantity, etc.), I see joining The Writing Cooperative a good second step after finding the right motivation to write through Coastery.


The Writing Cooperative is a community of people who help each other write better. It’s little for now but has potential. On exciting updates, mayor improvements or steps forward I’ll keep you informed about it.

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