I’m in a sabbatical and time-off

DailyUXnut Sabbatical and Time-Off

Sabbatical and Time-Off

I’m taking a sabbatical and time-off for my #dailyUXnut🌰 series. After the pause, I’ll be back every Monday to Sunday – as usual. Before episode 48 I published the micro learning advices only on InstagramTwitterTumblr and Facebook.

Why a sabbatical?

In order to review, recalibrate my work/life, and give attention to passions I normally don’t pay attention to, I’m taking 7 days off, every 7 weeks. It also helps me to slower my pace, grow my creative juice again and see where I’m at in terms of my life goal.

I found out about the one-week-sabbatical at seanwes, and now I’m making it an integral part of my own lifestyle.

Next piece of UX advice: Friday, 10. June 2016.

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