The revolution will not be live-streamed: Why you „zoo in“ but not zoom in

You prefer to watch from a „safe“ distance. You are forming the circle, the „observing belt“. What you don’t get, you could be standing inside the circle, contribute and shape what’s going on. Instead, you take a selfie and enjoy (yourself).
„Look, mum, I’m here.“ replaced „Look what I made, mum.“

You’re not inside the fenced area, not even on the verge or sitting on the fence about to jump into the scene. You’re behind the fence that separates the action from observation. You do it to be safe, to not get hurt. You also do it to be be indifferent, so you don’t involve yourself into what’s happening too much.
The fence creates a bodily and empathic distance.
Because elites have convinced you that non-action is the best action. You watch Popcorn Real Life. Everything they can film, they do film, and present to the masses to keep them entertained. You are part of it.
Because your comfort zone has been growing so much you’ve reached a point of wealth in which you swim in your own fat. You’ve become too numb to feel anything unless you’re fed in high doses.
The result?
You’ve become dumb, democratically. You’ve become numb, humanely. You’ve become your own lump that turned from a harmless anomaly to a dysfunctional being with the tumor of indifference and fear.
If you are afraid and don’t care, lucky you, you cannot get worse. Oh wait! Can you? YES, YOU CAN!

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