Practice writing. Start your writing career. Learn hands-on in a community of great individuals!

Hi, you just arrived at the Free Write Camp. We’re a community of driven individuals who write for a living or want to start a writing career. I’m Alexander and make sure that everything works here. I know it’s your first day, so let me show you around the camp.

What is Free Write Camp?

An open education space for writers and people who want to learn to write. In a community of self-education practitioners, you learn in a constantly updated curriculum with practical exercises, real-world projects for non-profit organizations, hands-on tools (that you can also code yourself) and a great place to hang out with other writers and those wanting to write.

What’s the program like?

The program will be a mixture of written lectures, pre-defined exercises and homework-like assignments — in English (German later). In our virtual camp, you’ll learn in tents. Every tent has a different focus with a cool name, for example:

  • Storytelling Warrior, the basics for telling stories
  • Grammar & proper writing Houdini, proper English writing
  • Copywriting Circus, write texts that sell
  • Cinema Club, learn to write screenplays
  • Warm-up Gentleness, exercises to get your hands moving
  • Chaos Creator, forget about paradigms, grammar and rules, this is a sandbox/playground tent
  • Social media Sandbox, the content creation process in the age of connecting media (creating and promoting through content marketing and copywriting)
  • Email Elephant / Happy hippo, how to write proper emails
  • Formal Joseph / Hire Me, how to write when you apply for a job (CV, resume, letter of application)
  • Work it, baby!, learn to write job postings that can read thoughts, so the ideal fit for the position knows he’s/she’s the one
  • Mad Max, the psychology of writing and how your life becomes better through writing
  • L’Amour Toujours, the sexual, sensual and erotic aspects of writing

Starting in July 2017 I’ll be able to tell you more about the precise ingredients every tent will be built of. Think of a tent as a pile of knowledge, experience, practice and exchange. The more practice happens within a tent, the bigger and shinier it becomes. Like a good chef cooks meals with a heart will you build your tent with your efforts and passion.

Why is Free Write Camp for free?

I’m making the camp for free because I believe that the education for a basic skill like writing should be free of charge. There are too many not well-written texts out and people who don’t care writing bad texts and those who don’t care reading bad texts.

Free Write Camp is where you learn to write purposeful and excellent. I want Free Write Camp to become the best place to receive a free education for everyone who feels that writing does have a special magic — helping your business move forward, your private life to become more meaningful and your relationships to be more profound and stronger.

I’m a writer myself and I want to share what I learned during the years and teach what I know.

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Write excellent. Write for people for who a status quo is too static. Write at Free Write Camp.

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