I’m Alexander. I run Coastery.

You may received some emails from me. I hope they had some value.

Nevertheless, I’m stopping the Coastery newsletter. I presented Coastery on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium and the website as something big – bigger than it is right now. Therefore, I’m taking a step back.

I want to make things, then show them. No promise, promise and creating overly high expectations I can’t fulfill. So, the interviews I announced don’t exist yet. The tools I announced don’t exist yet. Everything you may had seen announced don’t exist – yet.

Coastery is right now a concept, a WordPress blog and some social media accounts I closed for now.

So, there is no team. It’s only me doing that. Therefore you can directly contact me for requests about Coastery. I prefer Twitter, no email.

Coastery is not dying. The opposite is the case. By taking these steps, I’m more honest about what Coastery is. I don’t flood your inbox with emails which I also don’t have to write, and focus on making things and do actual writing for myself because writing is one of the easiest ways to balance and heal your inner world, so you don’t need a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Coastery is a side project. It combines my passion for writing and motivating people. Until I’m 40 (in 9 years) Coastery will grow under the radar of a big spotlight. I will learn about writing, and motivating people to lead a life they want to live. Yes, writing has the power to dramatically shape your life.

Coastery is a research project. I investigate the successes, flaws and practices of current writing initiatives – basically every project that in any way is related to writing. I will blog about that. Yes, the blog will stay alive. For Coastery it will be your no. 1 resource.

Coastery is a side project, On Board is my main project I’m working on it right now. I’m co-creating it with Marcela Fernandez, my love and business partner. On Board is a travel-learn community which travels 1-4 weeks through a country. The goal: Shape yourself and the world for the better. We’re currently in Slovenia.

Coastery goes hand in hand with the philosophy of On Board. That’s why On Board and Coastery play in the same spheres, with overlappings here and there. That being said, On Board is the best space for Coastery to nourish and grow.

I’m fully On Board. Since it is a startup, we work on it since October 2014, we have our economic challenges. Therefore I’m working on client projects in design and writing to sustain myself, mostly in design because it sells better.

On Board is also a lifestyle and in fact the only way I want to travel when I’m in a non-vacation-travel-mode.

Have a good life. Ok, that sounds a bit dramatic…I will try again.

Enjoy your writing and stop if you don’t enjoy. If you, however, feel you want to continue writing, Coastery is always there for you.

All the best.
– Alexander

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